Bath Circulators Refrigerated

Cooling Bath Circulators

Combinations of immersion circulators and insulated refrigeration baths are a low-cost solutions for direct thermoregulation for the temperature range -20/-30 °C to 200 °C. The refrigeration baths operate with natural refrigerants. A pump adapter (optional) can be fitted for thermoregulation of externally closed and externally open applications (with optional level control).

Models with the Pilot ONE have a variable speed pressure/suction pump and are suitable for externally open thermoregulation applications. The temperature stability is 0,02 K for the Compatible Control models and 0,05 K for the MPC models.


The Pilot ONE can be used as a remote control (with data cable). The Pilot ONE is a high tech microprocessor based controller with a high precision measurement system for exact and reproducible results. The wide ranging functionality is supported by a large TFT display and simple operation. Huber refrigeration circulators can be equipped with a Com.G@te to the NAMUR standard to enable integration in a process control system. Depending on the bath dimensions objects can be thermoregulated within the bath. Typical applications for these classics are the thermoregulation of externally closed systems, e.g. photometer, refractometer, viscometer, double-jacketed reactors and autoclaves. They are used in mini-plants, kilo labs, for stock point measurement, for low temperature calibration, for petroleum tests and many more applications.


  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Pilot ONE with Plug & Play technology
  • Display protected against splashing
  • Large and full colour 5,7“ TFT touchscreen
  • Connections for RS232, USB and Ethernet
  • Steplessly variable pump speed for homogeneous temperature distribution in bath or optimal circulation and heat transfer in external applications
  • Active Cooling Control – mechanical cooling up to maximum working      temperature
  • Intelligent energy management with cooling power control for energy saving, environmentally friendly operation and reduced heat emissions
  • Pt100 External-Sensor connection via 4-wire Lemo plug
  • Calibratable temperature sensor
  • Adjustable over temperature and level protection
  • Low level early warning system
  • Compliant with DIN12876-1 safety class III/FL
  • Pump connections for external applications
  • Bath opening for direct thermoregulation of objects
  • Temperature controlled bath housing to prevent the formation of ice or condensation
  • Drain on front (for regular fluid change: optional dran valve)


Increased functionality with Pilot ONE® E-grade® (Optional):

  • True Adaptive Control – self optimising internal and cascade control
  • Display resolution 0,01 K
  • Integrated programmer with 3 programs each with 5 segments or up to 100 segments distributed over 10 programs
  • Ramp function for quick temperature changes
  • Multi point calibration of temperature sensor

Increased functionality with accessories (Optional):

  • External pressure sensor for VPC pressure control
  • Com.G@te acc. to NAMUR Standard RS232, RS485, programmable volt-free contact, ECS (external control signal), level monitoring
  • Calibration and displacement inserts

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Bath Circulators Refrigerated