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Five of the Best

Posted by on 9th April, 2020

Here are the latest exceptional laboratory specialists we have joined forces with. They are five of the best!

Laboratory and Industrial Ultrasonic Baths and Homogenisers

BANDELIN is a family-owned company located in Berlin specialising in the development, manufacturing and sales of ultrasonic devices, the corresponding accessories and application specific cleaning agents and disinfectants.
BANDELIN devices contribute to the success of customers in the laboratory, medical, dental, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. Laboratory high power ultrasonic devices are used for cleaning, degassing, emulsifying cell disruption, homogenizing and sample preparation.
BANDELIN are innovation leaders in the development of ultra-sonic devices having registered 79 patents. As the only complete supplier of ultrasonic devices, accessories, cleaning agents and disinfectants with approvals and certifications according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, BANDELIN is the market leader with over one million units sold.

Ovens and Environmental Chambers for Science & Industry

BINDER ovens, climate and environmental simulation chambers are the centrepiece of many modern laboratories.
Designed to meet the highest demands in scientific and industrial fields, they enable the accurate simulation of biological, chemical, and physical environmental conditions.
With cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovations, BINDER develops products that provide real added value for you. BINDER apply their expertise and feel for the requirements of dynamic, day-to-day work in research facilities to support the widest range of projects and processes in an optimum way.

Lamy Rheology
Rheometers and Viscometers Instruments for Laboratories, Research and Industry

LAMY Rheology is the first French manufacturer of rheology and viscometry instruments for laboratories, research and industry. A family-owned and run company which in 2015, celebrated its 60th birthday. Established by Jean Lamy in 1955, the firm is now run by his grandchildren, Sophie and Eric Martino whose takeover marks the completion of a process initiated in the early 90s.
The firm, from the Rhône-Alpes, is the only French manufacturer of rheometers and viscometers. A commitment to quality and ethics underpins the LAMY company and it has stayed true to these commitments and because of this the company has established itself as a key player in the industry.

Refrigerators and Freezers for Research and Laboratories

As a specialist for fridges and freezers, Liebherr offers an extensive range of robust special appliances for commercial use. The unique quality, timeless design and innovation that characterise our products are expressions of our many years of experience in the manufacture of modern fridges.
Refrigerators and freezers for the research and laboratory sectors have to fulfil extremely demanding criteria. With precise electronic controls and degree-accurate temperature settings, Liebherr laboratory appliances are able to offer outstanding temperature stability. Their comprehensive functions and features ensure that sensitive substances, chemicals, and other research materials can be optimally stored. Liebherr refrigerators and freezers are designed for a long service life and are energy efficient.

Storage and inventory systems,racks and boxes for freezers

Storage and inventory systems for ULT and LN2 freezers. TENAK offers a complete range of freezer racks, cryoboxes and rack accessories for any freezer on the world market. Our racks range from inexpensive cardboard racks to high-end comfort racks

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