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The Latest High Precision Thermoregulation Solutions from Huber

Posted by on 14th April, 2021

Huber is a leading supplier of high precision thermoregulation equipment for laboratory and research.

Discover their latest technologies and game-changing products below:

NEW Huber Chili with Pilot ONE

Huber’s Chili heating circulator guarantees accurate and reproducible temperature control results. Equipped with innovative Pilot ONE technology, the Chili offers an impressive 5.7″ touch screen controller and menu navigation, which displays important operating parameters and temperatures clearly. Being the smallest heating thermostat in the Huber range that is also approved for use with Marlothem as a thermofluid, the Chili is best suited to distillation tasks. In addition, the Chili’s short heat-up time minimises operating costs and environmental impact.

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Huber CT50 Single OLÉ

The CT50 cold trap has been specially designed to make evaporation tasks and solvent recovery in laboratory conditions easier and cheaper. The compact, stainless steel design makes the CT50 highly robust, while the natural refrigerant technology allows the product to work in an environmentally friendly manner. Operating at temperatures as low as -50°C with a rapid cooling ability, Huber’s CT50 can be connected to any equipment that requires low temperatures for solvent recovery, such as rotary evaporators.

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Huber Piccolo 280 OLÉ

Huber’s innovative Peltier fan technology enables the Piccolo chiller to provide rapid heating or cooling, entirely without the use of refrigerant. Ultra-compact and versatile, the Piccolo is an environmentally friendly and maintenance-free temperature control solution. With working temperatures of 4°C to 70°C and cooling capacities up to 280W at 20°C, the Huber Piccolo 280 OLÉ is versatile enough for use in analysis, quality control, research laboratory, and material tests.

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Huber products

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