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Solida Biotech

Modular Bioreactors and Fermenters

Solida Biotech is a dynamic company that specialises in engineering, developing and manufacturing innovative bioprocess equipment with over 20 years of experience, and backgrounds in the fields of fermentation, sterile processing, and automation technologies. Solida Biotech has invested heavily into optimising its product line, resulting in a high-quality system created to meet the latest pharmaceutical standards. Featuring a strict quality control regime, all materials and suppliers are fully traced and qualified, and all of Solida Biotech’s bio-process equipment meet a wide variety of the latest global standards for worldwide distribution.

Solida Biotech offer flexible solutions to tackle multiple requirements, covering fermentation, cell culture and renewable applications in the world of Green, Red and White Biotechnologies. A policy of continuous improvement and investment in research and development focuses on providing new tools and technologies to satisfy dynamic requirements, whilst improving fermentation, cell culture and renewable processes to optimise efficiency, quality and value.

Solida Biotech Bio Bench bioreactors and fermenters integrate modern, open-source industrial technologies, and feature intelligent modularity, expandability, and solidity. All Bio Bench bioreactors and fermenters feature high quality design with stainless steel panels. All modules are connected to the master controller through industry standard Ethernet communications protocols, while the modular design enables the configuration of systems according to specific needs within the most compact footprint.


Solida Biotech offer bioreactors and fermenters for research, development, and production suitable for fermentation, cell culture, stem cells, renewable technologies, algae tech, biomass, biofuel, hydrolysis and more.

Pilot/Industrial Systems

Solida Biotech’s unique modular design of bio-consoles are compatible with a wide variety of interchangeable benchtop STR glass vessels, ranging from 50ml to 20l in volume, SUB disposable vessels from 250ml to 75l, and Lab/Pilot SIP in situ sterilisable systems from 1l to 100l. Solida Biotech manufacture industrial bioreactors up to 50m3, CIP in situ cleaning systems, SIP/CIP process vessels, and turnkey projects with integrated third-party equipment and custom fit solutions.


Solida Biotech combine years of experience in sterile process engineering with the latest automation and software technologies optimised for bioprocess scientists, including automation and controllers, and Bioflex software.

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