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Discover Optimum Oil-Free Vacuum Technology for All Areas of the Laboratory

Posted by on 13th March, 2022

Clean processes, efficiency and sustainability are important criteria for vacuum technology to meet in the modern laboratory.

For many applications, it is also vital for vacuum technology to be oil-free, low maintenance, and chemically resistant. To meet these demands, Vacuubrand have created a range of powerful and pure vacuum technology solutions for all aspects of laboratory work:

Vacuu-Pure 10C by Vacuubrand

Vacuu-Pure Screw Pump

For fine vacuum applications, the VACUU-PURE 10C screw pump offers an oil-free and chemically resistant solution that saves time and minimises operating costs.

The screw pump is specifically designed for processes in the vacuum range down to 10-3 mbar, and unlike other fine vacuum technologies, can be used across the entire pressure range. Contact-free spindles prevent abrasion and, therefore, enable clean processes and pure products, while protecting the laboratory and environment. Aggressive gases and vapours can be pumped without worry due to the unit’s chemical-resistant polymers, and the use of a cold trap is no longer necessary for most applications.

Vario Select Chemistry Pumping Units

Vacuubrand PC 3001 vario select

For rough vacuum, Vacuubrand’s VARIO Select units offer a selection of vacuum ranges down to 0.6 mbar and pumping speeds up to 20.0 m3/h, while the integrated and intuitive VACUU-SELECT controller allows for easy control of vacuum and process steps.

Additional features of VARIO Select pumping units include an inlet separator, which retains particles and droplets, and an exhaust emissions condenser, which enables solvent recovery of nearly 100%.

Performance features:

  • Automatic boiling point detection and continuous optimisation of vacuum levels for quick process times.
  • Superior performance even with continuous condensate purge.
  • Extremely low power consumption and efficient solvent recovery.
  • Exceptionally quiet with ultra low vibration.


Vacuu-Lan Local Vacuum Network

Vacuubrand Vacuu-Lan network

The VACUU-LAN system efficiently supplies multiple workstations with rough vacuum, via a single compact vacuum pump.

The integrated check valves protect against mutual interference, making the system ideal for processes including filtration, distillation, and rotary evaporation.

Consisting of chemically resistant vacuum pumps, tubing and connections, the modular design of the VACUU-LAN network means that it can be easily mounted onto a laboratory wall or integrated into the furniture and expanded at any time.

Performance features:

  • Demand-responsive and energy efficient, reducing power consumption by 50-90% compared central pumps.
  • Stable vacuum prevents interference and cross-contamination with specially-designed vacuum fixtures with integral check valves.
  • Efficient recovery of chemical vapours, keeping them out of the air in the laboratory.
  • Multi-user networks save valuable bench space.
  • Lower capital and operating costs per user.
  • Saves on equipment and operational budgets.

Discover more about Vacuubrand’s laboratory and instrumentation vacuum pumps here or call Labtex on 01484 600200.

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