Powerful microprocessor controlled (fuzzy logic) stirrer for optimum performance and accuracy

A universal laboratory stirring motor for rheometric tests with powerful microprocessor control (fuzzy logic) for optimum performance and accuracy and a maximum torque of 150 Ncm, hollow shaft and precision chuck of 10.5 mm.

A multi-step safety system carries out a self test of all safety functions and detects and protects against overload as well as over temperature.

The bright back-lit digital display shows all relevant system data (power input, power output and torque) plus simultaneous display of set and actual motor speed. The display also allows for readout of the absolute or relative torque measurements as well as the power output in watts at the shaft.

Speed range 40-2000 rpm with soft start and soft stop logic.

Torque limits, maximum and minimum motor speeds are programmable.

The unit is supplied with an RS232-interface for computer control. There is also an analogue input for easy remote speed control and analogue output for recorder as well as a programmable switch-off timer.

The R100-series is designed for stirring jobs up to 200 litres (related to water); ideal for medium and high viscous media (1.000 -100.000 mPa·s).

Technical Specification

Part   No.

PN:   60218-00    230 V, 50 Hz   

Power   consumption

300 W

Power output

Max.   220 watts shaft power output

continuous torque output

100   Ncm   (at 1100 rpm)

Max. torque

150   Ncm   (20 min) maximum limitation of torque (programmable)


40 – 2000   rpm   in steps of 10 rpm

Chuck capacity

1-10,5 mm

Stirring   Volume (H2O)

200 l

Analogue input

Allow or block speed setting via external analogue voltage control. (0-10V) programmable speed control via potentiometer

Analogue output

Analogue   output (0-4V, programmable) for recording of process parameters (speed,   torque, power)


Bright back-lit LCD display, showing all relevant system data. Simultaneous display of set and real values of motor speed, torque, or power output.

Incremental   encoder wheel

Allows fast and intuitive adjustment of timer   and system settings

Timer function

Programmable switch-off timer, programmable   from 1 minute to 99 days. Resolution: 1 minute

Torque output display

displays true torque at shaft in Ncm (relative or absolute readout possible) Accuracy: 5%

Power output display

Displays true power output at shaft in watts. (relative or absolute readout possible) Accuracy: 5%

Motor specification

  • torque   microprocessor controlled for easy operation and accuracy
  • soft-start and   soft-stop logic prevents splashing of liquid
  • extra long life, high   performance, brush motor
  • silent belt drive   power transmission

Multistep safety system

Detects and protects against the following dangerous situations:

  • rotor stuck/block   detection
  • motor   overtemperature monitoring
  • self test of all   safety functions after switching on

Auxiliary functions

User programmable limits for : maximum motor speed (40-2000 rpm). Maximum allowed torque at shaft (10-150 Ncm)

RS232 interface

Programmable baudrate: 1200,2400,4800; 8,N,1

Full remote access of all stirrer functions (read   and write)

Daisy chain feature by sub addressing allows connecting   up to 255 units to only one serial interface on the computer side.

Windows software optional available

Permissible ambient temperature

5 - 40 °C within operating area, e.g. fume cupboard

Permissible humidity

80 % RH

Safety class acc. to DIN EN 60529


Case dimensions

78 x 200 x 230 mm (W x D x H)


4.7 Kg

Accessories and Stirring Paddles

U-Stand                                                                                                            Part No. 60494-00

Special Clamp to fix the unit to a stand                                                     Part No. 60495-00

Stirring shaft protector to be fixed to the stand                                       Part No. 20618-60

„Jumbo“-Clamp to fix the Stirring shaft protector to the stand            Part No. 8B005650

RS 232 Interface cable    D-Sub   9pin  1,8m                                            Part No. 30275-51

USB to RS23 Adapter                                                                                    Part No. 30244-01

Software Stirrer Control                                                                               Part No. (upon request)


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R100C  60218-00