Reaction Vessels

Reaction Vessels


G Diehm manufactures glass reaction and distillation systems in Wertheim, Germany and has the capability to produce jacketed reaction vessels with capacities up to 100 litres with up to DN450 technical Flanges. 

Plain and jacketed vessels in either flat and round bottom designs are offered with a comprehensive range of accessories. 

Reactors are supplied graduated as standard and zero dead space bottom outlet valves can be specified from a number of different designs and materials. Bottom valves are available for pneumatic operation and with integral Pt100 if required. 

Diehm produces a wide range of accessories in glass, stainless steel, PTFE and other materials and in addition to standard products we welcome enquiries for bespoke manufacturing to customer designs and specifications. 

Labtex provides complete systems including automation, temperature control, stirring and vacuum etc.

DIEHM features

  • Jacketed vessels to 100 litre capacity
  • Spherical vessels
  • Cylindrical vessels with flat or round bottom
  • Vacuum jacketed vessels to 50 litre capacity
  • Graduated as standard
  • Filters and sinters
  • No dead space run off valves

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Reaction Vessels

Reaction Vessels