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SICCO Desiccators and Glove Boxes – The Safe Solution

Posted by on 28th June, 2024

The SICCO Glove Box Air Stream with Transfer Chamber Glove Boxes are used whenever sensitive or hazardous materials or components have to be processed in an isolated environment. If a contamination with any kind of particles contained in ambient air has to be excluded, a highly pure atmosphere is needed.

Using integrated HEPA filtration, a pure atmosphere can be produced inside the SICCO Glove Box Air Stream. The included filter H 14 traps more than 99,995% of all particles bigger than 0,1 μm.

The filter cartridge is removable and can be exchanged against any filter with the built-in dimensions – width 305 x height 305 x depth 78-83 mm. The saturation level of the filter is displayed by the integrated manometer on the front side. The fan is designed to convey normal, dry and not aggressive air, which contents only a small amount of dust. The motor and fan are maintenance-free and trouble-free. SICCO’s filtering unit with HEPA filtration offers three operating modes and is thus prepared for different tasks after a simple modification:

Internal Air Circulation Mode

Using this mode, the air in the workspace is continuously circulated. It is sucked on the rear wall, drawn in the filter and then the filtered air is blown back into the workspace along the front panel (delivery state).

Sicco Glove Box

Fresh Air Mode

When using the fresh air mode, ambient air is sucked into the filtering unit, led through the filter and blown back into the workspace along the front panel. The air inside the glove box is sucked in along the rear wall and transferred to the surrounding or a connected exhaust system. The fresh air mode requires a small modification: the angled pipe socket (included in delivery) has to be connected on the left side and the closing lid on the exhaust opening has to be removed. Accessories for connecting the glove box to an exhaust system are not included.

Exhaust Mode Using the exhaust mode, the glove box can be flushed with ambient air but only filtered air will be conveyed to the surrounding. The fan sucks the air inside, leads it through the filter and blows filtered air out. For pressure compensation, ambient air is permanently sucked from the outside through the glove ports. The flow direction from the outside to the inside prevents at the same time an escape of contaminated air. For the exhaust mode, the pipe socket on the left has to be removed and this opening has to be closed with the included lid. Additionally, the air in let to the workspace is closed by turning the cover flap and the gloves have to be removed. On request, optionally available iris-ports can be put on the glove ports in order to reduce air exchange if the motor is switched off.

SICCO Desiccators and Glove Boxes are available in the UK from Labtex.

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