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Choose Huber for Reproducible Results in Biotechnology

Posted by on 21st February, 2023
Choose Huber for Reproducible Results in Biotechnology

Precise temperatures are crucial for reproducible results in biotechnology. With unbeatable accuracy, Huber temperature control units are available from Labtex.

• Long-lasting temperature constancy

• Variable pressure control

• Scheduling of temperature changes

In biotechnology, precise temperature control has a decisive influence on production performance or research results. Huber temperature control units ensure exact temperatures and stable, reproducible process conditions in research laboratories and production plants.

The dynamic temperature control systems of the Unistat series are predestined for chemical and bioreactors, autoclaves, mini-plants and pilot plants, reaction blocks, calorimeters, and distillation plants. Especially for cooling fermenters and bioreactors, the HTS circulating heat exchangers are recommended for connection to existing cooling water/soil.

Find out more about Huber here.

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