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Inspired by Temperature

Liquid Dosing/Metering Diaphragm Pumps

Sourcing Solutions by Labtex

Analytical, Precision and Portable Balances

Glass Reaction and Distillation Systems

Distillation, Evaporation and Filtration

Chemical Plants in Stainless Steel and Special Alloys

Spray Dryer, Buchner Ring seals and Vessel Fabrication

Vacuum Pumps and Networks

Automation for the Laboratory and Pilot Plant

Lab Automation Out of the Box

Fluoroplastic (eg PTFE, PFA) Labware

Overhead and Magnetic Stirrers

Bespoke Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels, Filters and Furniture

Canadian Overhead Stirrers

Rheometers and Viscometers Instruments for Laboratories, Research and Industry

Laboratory and Industrial Ultrasonic Baths and Homogenisers

Ovens and Environmental Chambers for Science & Industry

Refrigerators and Freezers for Research and Laboratories

Storage and Inventory Systems, Racks and Boxes for Freezers

Metering Pump Solutions

Analytical and Precision Balances

PTFE Laboratory Equipment

Fire Rated Hazardous Materials Storage Cabinets

Desiccators and Glove Boxes

Magnetic Stirrers, Overhead Stirrers, Dispersers and Rotary Evaporators

Stirring, Agitating and Power Transmission

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