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Laboratory and Industrial Ultrasonic Baths and Homogenisers

BANDELIN is a family-owned company located in Berlin specialising in the development, manufacturing and sales of ultrasonic devices, the corresponding accessories and application specific cleaning agents and disinfectants.

BANDELIN devices contribute to the success of customers in the laboratory, medical, dental, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. Laboratory high power ultrasonic devices are used for cleaning, degassing, emulsifying cell disruption, homogenizing and sample preparation.

Since 1955 the company has been developing and manufacturing high-performance ultrasonic devices including SONOREX – Ultrasonic baths and SONOPULS – Ultrasonic homogenisers.

BANDELIN are innovation leaders in the development of ultra-sonic devices having registered 79 patents. As the only complete supplier of ultrasonic devices, accessories, cleaning agents and disinfectants with approvals and certifications according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, BANDELIN is the market leader with over one million units sold.

For laboratory and pilot plant use we offer ultrasonic baths and homogenizers with application-oriented accessories for routine cleaning operation as well as for use in research, for sample preparation, cell disruption, emulsification, reaction acceleration or for the production of very fine emulsions.


Easy to operate analogue ultrasonic baths from 0.9 to 90 litre capacity, with or without heating.


Digital ultrasonic baths with rapid degassing. From 0.9 to 90 litre capacity, with or without heating and with foil front panel with for easy hygienic cleaning.


Digital ultrasonic baths with rapid degassing and power settings. From 3.0 to 28 litre capacity, with or without heating and with foil front panel with for easy hygienic cleaning.

SONOREX Accessories

Accessories can be configured for direct or indirect cleaning in baskets, metal, glass or plastic containers.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Agents

Besides ultrasonic power, temperature and time, specially balanced cleaning and disinfectant agents are also necessary to achieve optimum cleaning results.
BANDELIN offers a wide range of cleaning agents TICKOPUR and STAMMOPUR from DR H STAMM GmbH.

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These cleaning agents were specially developed for ultrasonic applications.
With their cavitation-aiding properties, the special agents support the process and are gentle to the material at the same time. Depending on the cleaning tasks, either alkaline, neutral or acidic cleaning agents are recommended. They are biologically degradable and easy to dispose of. Rinsing after cleaning is necessary to remove remaining residues of cleaning agents and diluted soil particles from the parts to be cleaned.

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SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenisers are mainly used for homogenising, emulsifying and suspending, acceleration of chemical reactions as well as for disruption of cells, bacteria, fungi or spores. Significantly reduced processing times make ultrasonic homogenisers indispensable for modern processes and in analysis.

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Using ultrasonic homogenisers certain substances can be selectively destroyed, tedious preparation processes can be shortened and results of many reactions are improved, with many years of experience in the field of ultrasonic homogenisers BANDELIN can assist you in your specific application.

SONOPULS series 4000
SONOPULS series 4000
for batch sample volumes 0.5 to 1000ml and flow through up to 30l/hr
SONOPULS mini 20
for batch sample volumes 0.1 to 25 ml
SONOPULS series 2000.2
SONOPULS series 2000.2
for batch sample volumes 0.5 to 1000 ml and flow through up to 30l/hr

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SONOPLUS Construction

SONOPLUS Construction

SONOPULS construction and operating principles

There are 4 basic components. The ultrasonic generator (control unit) transforms low-frequency voltage of 50 or 60 Hz into high frequency voltage of 20 kHz, controlls and displays of process parameters and sequences.

The ultrasonic converter transforms electrical voltage delivered from the generator into mechanical vibrations of 20 kHz.

Standard and booster horns increase amplitudes delivered from the ultrasonic converter. The amplification depends on the their shape.

Probes transmit the mechanical vibrations into the sample. The radiating surface is located on the tip of the probe but not on the sides. The higher the amplitude the more intense the sonication and the more erosion at the radiating surface of the tip.

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  • The AMPLICHRON-system guarantees a constant amplitude and thus reproducible results independently from changing conditions within the sample.
  • Settings within a range of 10 to 100% are possible.
  • Verification of actual value at the display.
  • Permanent control of ultrasound irradiation as well as indication of wear of the probe.
  • Pulsation Limits temperature increase when processing heat-sensitive samples.
  • The adjustable pulsation allows cooling during rest intervals.
  • Continuous operation.
  • Constant sound radiation – extremely effective.
  • Integrated timer.
  • Duration of sonication storable; indication of elapsed time during continuous operation or of remaining time in count-down mode.
  • Switching ON / OFF – easy to handle. Either at the generator or directly at the ultrasonic converter via button or foot switch.
  • Foil keypad – easy-care and user-friendly.
  • Fail-safe during continuous operation and idling.
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