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Rheometers and Viscometers Instruments for Laboratories, Research and Industry

LAMY Rheology is the first French manufacturer of rheology and viscometry instruments for laboratories, research and industry.

LAMY RHEOLOGY is a family-owned and run company which in 2015, celebrated its 60th birthday. Established by Jean Lamy in 1955, the firm is now run by his grandchildren, Sophie and Eric Martino whose takeover marks the completion of a process initiated in the early 90s.

The firm, from the Rhône-Alpes, is the only French manufacturer of rheometers and viscometers. A commitment to quality and ethics underpins the LAMY company and we are proud to declare our equipment is ‘Made in France’ for three generations, it has stayed true to these commitments and because of this the company has established itself as a key player in the industry.

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority.


The economical solution for your viscosity measurements

Intuitive and powerful, the new B-ONE PLUS will surprise you with its extended measuring range in LR version or with its optional temperature sensor.

  • 7’’ Touch Screen.
  • Easy attachment of your spindle.
  • Available in standard and high sensitivity versions.
  • Data memorization and USB transfer.
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Lamy Rheology – B-ONE PLUS Data Sheet


More than just a simple viscosity measurement

With its expanded programming possibilities and increased modularity, the FIRST PLUS will be the ideal tool for your application whether you use it alone or with its software.

  • PT 100 temperature probe included.
  • Data memorization and transfer.
  • Available in standard and high sensitivity versions.
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Lamy Rheology – FIRST PLUS Data Sheet


Programmed for your measurements

FIRST PRO has the same enhanced programming capabilities as the most complete instruments to maximize the repeatability of your measurements.

  • Programming and recording method.
  • Direct measure with time to stop.
  • User and locked mode.
  • Data recording and USB transfer.
  • Torque gauge on display.
  • Integrated temperature probe.
  • Printer connection.
  • Compatible with RheoTex software.
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Lamy Rheology – FIRST PRO PLUS Data Sheet


Our most modular viscometer

The RM100 PLUS is the viscometer with largest speed and torque range available on market. Create your methods and store your results in relation with your application.

  • Programming and saving of methods.
  • PT 100 temperature probe included.
  • Wide torque and speed range.
  • Data memorization and transfer.
  • Available in standard and high sensitivity versions.
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Lamy Rheology – RM 100 PLUS Data Sheet


The ideal instrument for your curing time

The GT 300 PLUS is a «Gel Timer» to measure all curing times of your products. Combined with disposable measuring systems and temperature control, it adapts to all your expectations for a very competitive cost per measurement.

  • Available in version with temperature control.
  • Measure with disposable hooks and cups.
  • Low volumes.
  • Software included (N311000+N311300).
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Lamy Rheology – GT 300 PLUS Data Sheet


The viscometer dedicated for cone-plate measurements

Cone and plate measuring systems are adapted for samples in limited quantities and difficult to clean. With maximum shear rate up to 20,000 s-1, the RM100 CP2000 PLUS will fit all your applications.

  • New tool for gap setting.
  • High shear rate (up to 20000 s-1).
  • Removable lower plate.
  • Quick attachment with AC265 coupling.
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Lamy Rheology – RM 100 CP2000 PLUS Data Sheet


This viscometer follows you everywhere

The PORTABLE B-ONE is the ideal tool for your viscosity measurements in the workshop, production area, delivery area or outside. With one hour of battery life, it will optimize your control times and flexibility.

  • Charge indicator.
  • Autonomy more than one hour.
  • Easy handling.
  • Carrying case included.
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Lamy Rheology – PORTABLE B-ONE Data Sheet


Your expertise closer to the product

No matter where, the PORTABLE RM 100 allows you to bring your viscosity measurement methods where your lab can not operate. With programming, memorization, temperature measurement and all measurement systems, all your expertise is moving!

  • Integrated PT 100 temperature probe.
  • Programming and saving of methods.
  • Memorization and data transfer.
  • Wide torque and speed range.
  • Large selection of measuring systems.
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Lamy Rheology – PORTABLE RM 100 Data Sheet




The new RheoTex software developed by LAMY RHEOLOGY allows control of all following instrument versions: FIRST, RM100, RM200, DSR500 and TX-700.

The license file associated with the software allows you to automatically configure software to be compatible with instrument. Since the software base is the same, only an additional license is required when you have two devices to control by RheoTex. The installation of the software is not limited to one computer station.

The integrity of results and methods is guaranteed by using a database and by an optimized management of the users with specific rights.

New graphical tools allow custom management of the display of curves, tables and analysis results.

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Lamy Rheology – RHEOTEX SOFTWARE Data Sheet

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