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Design by Labtex, automation and control by HiTec Zang

Posted by on 30th March, 2023
HiTec Zang by Labtex

HiTec Zang systems have become established as a quasi-standard for laboratory automation in the field of research, scale up and pilot plant.

Labtex combine unrivalled problem solving skills, customisation expertise, and world class equipment to design bespoke systems tailored for specific scale up applications.

Together we enable labs to achieve maximum reproducibility, an increase of quality and gain new knowledge.
• Laboratory reactor systems
• Reaction calorimetry
• Parallel reactor systems
• Multifunctional plants
• Reaction calorimeters
• Micro-reaction systems

LabVision® – Process Visualisation & Control by HiTec Zang

A maximum of automation with a minimum of engineering

Recognised as the most powerful and most prestigious research process control system software, LabVision is particularly suited for the visualisation and automation of flow and batch processes in laboratory, scale up and mini-plant for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and foodstuffs technology industries.

Available in the UK from Labtex, LabVision promises:
• More efficient use of your resources
• Consistent presentation of values, events and process phases
• Release from routine activities
• Savings during the instrumentation thanks to virtual devices
• Realisation of a processing data chain without interruption from the job order to the laboratory information management system

HiTec Zang LabManager®

Control multiple pieces of equipment with the interface genius!

The LabManager®-product family, available in the UK from Labtex, contains automation devices of different sizes that are built up in a modular manner. The connecting technology is uniformly based on slide-in modules with four inputs or outputs in each case and standardised plugs and sockets.

Characteristics and advantages.
• 32-Bit-CPU
• Redundant time base and system monitoring system (Watchdog)
• USB interfaces for data media and optional interfaces
• RS-485 Modbus interfaces
• Ethernet and RS-232 interface
• Integrated power supply for sensors and actuators
• 2-point scaling/calibration for all data points (inputs, outputs,…)
• Limit and warn values for all data points
• Manual/automatic mode for all data points
• Integrated filter functions: low pass, averaging, min., max., distribution, variance
• Linearisation tables for Pt100, NiCr-Ni, Fe-CuNi (type L), etc. and user-defined tables in the flash memory
• Device components for connections of data points
• Sensor and conductor error detection


Lab automation out of the box, available in the UK from Labtex

The LabBox® is your entry into the digital laboratory. You can easily automate experiments and processes and gain time for more runs:
• Connect any sensors and devices
• Freely configure the user interface
• Define automated experiments
• Document or export experiment data
• Unbeatable price-performance

Centralise the data acquisition and control of your laboratory equipment:
• Circulators
• Stirrer drives
• Scales
• Pumps
• pH electrodes
• Pressure/temperature measurement
• Valve switching

Discover the range of HiTec Zang scale-up lab equipment available from Labtex here!

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