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Dynamic Temperature Control System Product Series Expanded

Posted by on 4th April, 2014

01NEW: Grande Fleur 

Less than a Unistat Tango, but more than a Petite Fleur, the new Grande Fleur expands the range of dynamic temperature control systems. Users now get even more performance at a low price. The Grande Fleur offers all of the great performance and features of the Unistat series such as USB, Ethernet and RS232 interfaces, the touchscreen controller Pilot ONE, process data recording via USB as well as natural refrigerants and thermodynamics, second to none.

Both models are equipped with the touchscreen controller Pilot ONE with a brilliant 5.7″ TFT display. The E-grade “Professional” with many features for demanding temperature applications is included as standard.

Functionality for all applications
The Petite Fleur and Grande Fleur come with full controller functionality found with all Unistats. They have unique thermodynamic properties which result in optimum temperature ramp rates and control accuracy. The powerful variable speed pump combined with the VPC pressure control and the TAC adaptive internal and cascade control ensure the best possible results.

Unistats for professional scale-up and process development
The introduction of the small Tangos now means that the Uni­stat temperature control systems are available with cooling capacities from 480 Watts at +20°C, and are the only temperature control system in the world which offers professional scale-up from small scale laboratory R&D through to production plant. The Unistat temperature control systems, with a temperature range of -125 °C to +425 °C and cooling and heating powers up to 130 kW, can be combined with customer steam and brine systems and are therefore suitable for applications beyond the 10 m³ class.

Lift and roll
The compact form of the small Tangos means they are ideally suited to fit in extract hoods. The rollers fitted at the back of the unit allow it to be easily maneuvered into the required position, just lift and roll.

Ready for action
If the application is regularly changed, residual water in hoses and reactors can be a problem. The water contaminates the thermal fluid and inhibits the heat transfer process. The Petite Fleur and Grande Fleur‘s water separation system allows water to be removed from the thermal fluid during thermal regulation.

More power
DIN 12876 requires that cooling powers are measured at full pump speed. Decreasing the pump speed reduces the heat energy entering the system. This leads to higher cooling powers and lower end temperatures. The small Tangos have a remarkably powerful pump. Decreasing the pump speed can make additional cooling power available – an extra 30 to 50 Watts can be achieved. We always quote cooling at maximum pump speed.


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