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Baths and Circulators for a Variety of Heating and Cooling Tasks!

Posted by on 4th July, 2023
Huber - Classic bath and circulation thermostats

Classic bath and circulation thermostats with open bath for a variety of heating and cooling tasks. There is a choice of different model series with the Pilot ONE and KISS controllers.

Heating circulators/baths

Heating circulators in the CC and KISS model series. Both model series are classically designed laboratory thermostats for heating tasks with an open bath.

Cooling & heating circulators/baths

Cooling/heating circulators in classic design with refrigerating machine and open temperature control bath. Suitable for many heating and cooling tasks in the laboratory and for industrial applications down to -90°C.

Visco baths

Visco baths are suitable for measurement tasks using capillary viscometers or for use of densitometers. The devices are fitted with transparent polycarbonate baths and have a cooling coil for counter-cooling as standard. Various functions can be activated via E-grade.

Circulation heaters

Circulating heaters for temperature control of externally connected, open systems. With compact design and circulation pump made of stainless steel. Suitable for installation in systems.

Beer Force Ageing Test Baths

We offer a special heating and cooling thermostat for the Beer Forcing test. The unit is fitted with a programmer for automatic temperature cycles. The changing the temperature between 0 and 60 °C in a cycle time of 24 hours artificial aging of the beer is achieved. All models meet the requirements of Safety Class III (FL). The housing and all parts which come into contact with the fluid are made out of high quality stainless steel.

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