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Labtex Celebrates 10 Years

Posted by on 12th January, 2016


Labtex is celebrating ten years as a specialist laboratory and process chemistry equipment solutions provider. Working with the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturing a range of its own branded products Huddersfield-based Labtex offers its clients the best in laboratory equipment.

Founder and managing director, Greg Smith, revealed the secret to the company’s success. “We’ve always had excellent relationships with both our suppliers and our clients and we attribute this to the quality of our service and our flexibility. A lot of what we do is bespoke in some shape or form; we enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect solution for every client,” explained Greg, who established Labtex ten years ago, having worked in the industry since the 1980s.

“We are a small team here, with many decades of experience between us. When we established Labtex in 2005, we already had connections with a number of suppliers, including many German companies that have a well-earned reputation for quality manufacturing, and clients, many of whom are global companies with high expectations. We were able to satisfy both sides and build our reputation as a trusted supplier by being very quick and responsive,” he added.

Sourced from European and US manufacturers, Labtex supplies specialist equipment for a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, automotive, defence and aerospace, petroleum industries, bio-manufacturing and food processing industries.

The company specialises in glass batch reactors, thermoregulators, distillation, vacuum systems, labware, flammable storage cabinets and pressure reactors. It also offers a wide range of general laboratory equipment including balances, heating mantles, ovens, refrigerators, dessicators, as well as standard glassware and consumables. Labtex also supplies its own range of top quality Buchner Rings.

In addition, Labtex designs and supplies a number of specialist products, such as the laboratory-scale spray dryer, which is a cost effective solution for entry-level spray drying, with all the features required for the testing and development of powders within the laboratory.

“We developed this small version of the spray dryer so that companies can test the suitability of spray drying for different products. Spray drying is used in many industries; for pharmaceuticals, in food processing and for ceramics, as there are a number of advantages to converting a liquid into a powder; for example, it’s easier to transport and lasts longer.

“However, some products react better than others, and that’s why it’s important to research the feasibility of employing such a technique before purchasing the necessary equipment. This is the purpose of our spray dryer; it’s a smaller version of an industrial spray dryer, which can often be a very large and expensive piece of equipment,” Greg explained.

“Since Labtex launched a decade ago we’ve been able to fulfil the high expectations of our suppliers and clients, weather the storm of the global financial crisis and earn our reputation as a trusted supplier and manufacturer of the best quality laboratory equipment.” Greg concluded; “We can do this because we have continuing good relations with all parties and that’s made possible by our dynamic and experienced team.”

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