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New Video From Pope Scientific – Operating A Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryer

Posted by on 7th November, 2023

In the video, Sales and Process Engineer, Ben Kultgen demonstrates how a Pope Scientific Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryer (also known as ANFD or NFD) is operated.

Available in the UK from Labtex, Pope Scientific’s benchtop Nutsche can perform multiple operations such as washing, filtering, drying, and re-slurrying of products. The operation begins with transferring a slurry to the Nutsche Filter. The valves are then isolated, pressurizing the Nutsche, and pushing the liquid out. This unit is rated up to 100 PSI. The bottom valve is opened, allowing for the liquid to flow out of the unit. A spray nozzle is used to wash the cake. An agitator is used to smooth and dig into the cake, which allows for even drying of and removal of residual solvents. The agitator can be manually raised and lowered for this.

Once the cake is ready for drying, nozzles on the vessel are used for heating the jacket. A vacuum can also be attached be used to expedite the drying or a gas source may be attached to allow for gas flow through the unit. Once the cake is dried, the Nutsche is easily disassembled using an Allen wrench. After removing the three bolts, the high-pressure sanitary clamp can be removed from the bottom of the Nutsche, and the top can be lifted off, providing access to the cake material for further processing as needed.

Pope’s smaller lab-scale Nutsche units provide chemists and researchers with a powerful tool for testing, piloting and scale up processing. These are a logical leap forward from the common Buchner funnel apparatus, providing important advantages including pressurization for faster filtering than vacuum draining alone, vessel vacuum and heating capability for efficient drying of filter cake, built-in spray heads for filter cake washing, complete material containment for increased safety and purity plus gas blanketing capability, optional mixers or cake agitators for churning/re-smoothing filter cake for greater drying efficiency. These lab units are also ideal for pilot work in the simulation of larger production-scale Nutsches.

Watch on our videos page here.

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