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Reactor Control and Data Capture – Labtex Appointed Distributor

Posted by on 27th November, 2015

RX-10™ – Reactor Control and Data Capture

RX-10 combines the familiar METTLER TOLEDO reactor control touchscreen with various plug-and-play interfaces to control and monitor results from a broad range of jacketed lab reactors. Automate your jacketed laboratory reactor, by programming thermostat temperature, liquid dosing, and sampling, and integrating process analytical technology for data rich experiments, day or night. Extend control with computer based software for remote monitoring, analysis, and reporting. Reactor automation and data capture allows scientists and engineers to perform more successful experiments, make informed decisions faster, and increase productivity.

One Simple, Standard Interface

The single touchscreen interface provides a consistent control platform across all laboratory reactors. Operating with one interface allows scientists to consistently control reactors on any scale from millilitres to multi-litre scale reducing human errors and training cost.

100% Data Capture

Automatically collect process data from all laboratory reactors and sensors, together with data from in situ instruments (eg. pH, ParticleTrack™, ReactIR™, EasySampler™). Ensure that all data is automatically captured guaranteeing that important information will never be lost again.

Unattended, 24/7

Unattended task sequences or advanced recipes can be set up through the touchscreen or the powerful iC software suite. The iC software and the touchscreen offer bi-directional control meaning scientists may apply both local and PC control to increase productivity, 24 hours a day.

Powerful Reporting

Reduce the time needed to merge process and analytical data, visualize and identify key reaction events, and develop reports which lead to better decisions for improved process development and optimization.

Simple and Flexible

With flexible plug-and-play connections to a wide range of hardware including thermostats, stirrer motors, dosing pumps, and sensors; researchers bring new levels of automation and simplicity to the chemical development and process optimization laboratory. Third-party accessories such as Pt100 or other sensors are quickly connected with the flexible Smart-Connect plug-and-play sensor port and ready to go within minutes.

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