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Storage And Handling Of Hazardous Substances – Are You Protected?

Posted by on 8th May, 2024

In many workplaces and laboratories, the use of hazardous substances is part of everyday work and is unavoidable. Improper storage, especially of flammable substances, poses various dangers to people, the environment and property – and can be easily overlooked in daily handling.

Fires and explosions caused by, for example, the improper storage of flammable liquids and gases, can lead to long term consequences and liabilities such as:
• Pollution of soils, groundwater and surface waters through e.g. contaminated extinguishing water or leakages

• Downtimes up to bankruptcy, e.g. due to destroyed buildings, laboratories after fires (after a fire, approx. 80% of companies go bankrupt)

• Endangering health
Business owners and managers must be aware of their responsibility for the handling and storage of hazardous substances and regularly ask themselves the following questions:
Do I know the legal regulations for hazardous substances?

Do I apply these regulations?

Do I fulfil my duty of care towards people and the environment?

Do I store hazardous substances in my company in accordance with the regulations?



DSEAR (applicable in the UK) stands for the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002.

DSEAR puts duties on employers and the self-employed to protect people from risks from explosions and similar events in the workplace. This includes members of the public who may be put at risk by both the work hazards and any secondary hazards likely to occur at the time of incident.

Download the ASECOS Catalogue here for a full guide to the regulations surrounding hazardous substances and how their storage solutions can reduce the risk of incidents.

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