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Discover the Liebherr Refrigeration SmartMonitoring System

30th January, 2023 by

The system promises optimal protection for your sensitive stored goods.

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Connecting Vacuum Pumps Correctly – New Free Download

6th January, 2023 by

How do you ascertain the correct elements required for connecting a vacuum pump to your scale-up laboratory equipment? Following the correct connection procedure has an optimal effect on the performance of your pump.

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Watch This Diaphragm and Valve Replacement Video

4th January, 2023 by

Vacuum pumps should reliably support important processes in the background and take up as little of your time as possible for maintenance.

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Which type of vacuum control is right for you?

3rd January, 2023 by

Controlling the vacuum as a process parameter has a significant effect on the process result. This is because vacuum correlates with the temperature and influences, for example, boiling points and phase transitions of substances.

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Bola – Your Partner for High-Performance Fluoroplastic Labware

16th December, 2022 by

BOLA high-performance fluoroplastic labware, including PTFE, PFA and FEP delivers excellent chemical resistance. Bola focus on safe daily work in laboratories – designing products with additional benefits.

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Download A Range Of Helpful Videos From SICCO

10th November, 2022 by

SICCO Desiccators are designed for storing or drying humidity sensitive products using Silicagel.

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The Ideal Bench Scale for Chemical Packaging

25th October, 2022 by

In chemical packaging, safety is the number one concern. Having a versatile bench scale designed to withstand high-pressure cleaning goes a long way.

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Five Essential Ways to Improve Your Lab Safety

20th October, 2022 by

Laboratory safety begins with having the right equipment, but it also requires simple techniques and practices to ensure an accident-free workplace.
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Best Practices for Safe Centrifugation in the Laboratory

20th October, 2022 by

A high-speed centrifuge is a common sight in laboratories. If used improperly, centrifuges can pose safety risks because of the high centrifugal forces generated by the rotor during use.
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